Disaster Relief by Team Rubicon

Disaster Relief by Team Rubicon

ATTENTION South Carolina Appraisers

The recent flooding disaster in our state has taken a toll on the resources of the state and its residents.

There are many South Carolinians, including Real Estate Appraisers, that have need for clean up help and replacement of lost property. There are numerous organizations that have set up procedures to help the victims of this flooding. The South Carolina Professional Appraiser Coalition wants to encourage all of the appraisers in our state to get involved in helping those that have suffered loss.

Our SCPAC Board of Directors is asking you to support the relief effort by helping the following organizations that are presently active in providing assistance.


This is a veterans group that unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams. They have already begun operation in South Carolina. You can provide financial assistance directly to the South Carolina effort by logging on the site listed below.



We all are aware of the Red Cross work around the world and in South Carolina. Please help them continue their efforts here by providing assistance through the web site below.


Thank you for your help during this time of recovery. I also encourage you to find relief groups in your neighborhood that are volunteering to help in the stricken areas. Man power is needed as well.


Wes Hasty

SCPAC President 2015

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